In association with Villa Sainte-Marcelline, we offer music lessons as part of their extracurricular activities program. Instrument lessons and music theory classes are incorporated in the student's school schedule.


Every year, kindergarten students receive 34 private instrument lessons from September to June. Each lesson lasts 45 or 60 minutes and is split into three 15 or 20 minutes increments. Unlike elementary or secondary level students, kindergartners do not have music theory lessons.

Elementary Grades

Every year, students receive 34 private instrument lessons (45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes) from September to June. These lessons are supplemented by music theory and ear training courses, given in small groups and included in the instrument course fee.

Secondary Grades

Lessons are organized the same way as they are for elementary grade students except that secondary grade students receive 32 lessons per year. Students can choose to replace their Arts courses (included in the secondary grade curriculum) with music lessons, as part of the Music Option program.


Lessons will be scheduled according to the student's school schedule, as they are given throughout the school day (during music classes and recess). Certain theory and ear-training group courses will be scheduled after school hours. Please refer to our registration form for more details and clearly indicate your child’s availability.