At what age can my child start music lessons?

A child can start learning an instrument from age 4 or 5. We offer an initiation to music class (group class) for children ages 3 to 6. We recommend enrolling your child to this course first, but it isn't mandatory. A child can start instrument lessons without previously having taken the initiation to music class. For children ages 3 to 6 who enroll in private instrument lessons, this class will be included in their musical training (included in the tuition fee). For children 7 years and older and that are registered for instrument lessons, their musical training is completed with music theory and ear training courses instead.

How much time should my child practice?

To progress well, the child should practice every day. The teacher will recommend a practice time that corresponds with the child’s age and level. Generally speaking, daily practice time should equal the lesson length.

Should I practice with my child?

Parental participation varies according to the child’s age and level. The teacher will be glad to advise parents in this area. Very young children will benefit from close parental involvement in order to understand and follow their teacher’s recommendations. In all cases, parents should regularly check the lesson book to keep abreast of current practice objectives.

How important are music theory and ear training?

Learning music theory is essential to understanding the building blocks of musical structure. Ear-training, accomplished by means of solfège and musical dictation, develops listening skills and a sense of musical phrasing. These two facets of musical training combine with instrumental skills to help students turn notes into music by means of proper understanding and thoughtful interpretation.